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What are people saying?

“The Internet2 NET+ initiative has transformed our ability to deliver cloud services. It’s all of us in the community working together to create something that none of us can do by ourselves.”

Bruce Maas
Vice Provost of IT & CIO | University of Wisconsin-Madison

“To grow and expand research and academics, we have to create more capacity to provide more support. Our strategy is to look at cloud first.”

Michelle Norin
CIO | University of Arizona

“We need to move quickly and we need to ultimately drive up the value—to be services based, not asset based.”

Mark Askren
CIO | University of Nebraska-Lincoln

“By moving services to the cloud, we’re able to focus on teaching people how to unlock the power of technology.”

Cliff Russell
CIO | Morehouse College, VP | Morehouse Technology Group

“Internet2 brings us the full infrastructure to change the business model, the delivery mechanisms—to work together to solve the problems of the future.”

Laura Patterson
Associate VP & CIO | University of Michigan

Powered by community, NET+ offers a TRUSTED ECOSYSTEM of leading cloud solutions customized to meet the security, scalability and integration demands of the academic enterprise

Service Delivery on Today’s Campus

See how peer institutions are meeting pressures to deliver better campus services faster, more securely, and more cost-effectively in the cloud.

Six universities discuss the success of tailoring the Box platform through NET+ to drive collaboration on campus and across higher education.

After using Vidyo to connect researchers and students in the Panamanian rainforest, Arizona State University leads development of the NET+ cloud solution for research and education.

Adopting a cloud-first strategy, Morehouse College chooses SkySync for enterprise migration to the Box platform—then sponsors SkySync as a NET+ solution.

Through Internet2, peers created NET+ to speed deployment of campus services in the cloud, maximize efficiencies and minimize the challenges, costs, and risks of cloud migration.

Internet2 NET+ Initiative

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20 years ago, Internet2 was formed by a community of research, academic, and scientific leaders who were instrumental in the development of the Internet we use daily. They had one goal in mind: to create a leading-edge network and technologies that would continually advance research and scholarship.

Today, cloud solutions have become critical to improve operations, reduce costs and increase the speed of service delivery. But, cloud technologies exploded without a voice from higher education in their development. Peers created Internet2 NET+ to apply a proven community model and leverage collective strength in the development and procurement of services and platforms that serve research and education’s unique needs. Through peer-vetted service reviews and specialized agreements with providers, institutions can access leading cloud services—tailored to the unique needs of the academic enterprise.

Popular services like Amazon Web Services, Splunk, Box, and Docusign, are just a sampling of NET+ offerings that have been integrated with core standards, key terms and agreements tailored for research and education institutions.

Chief business and IT leaders at 300 U.S. institutions, are touting the benefits of NET+, which has provided over $280 million in total community benefit since its inception. Through peer collaboration, NET+ is truly shifting the cloud for research and education.

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