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Internet2 is a thriving community precisely because our members recognize that Internet2 exists to help the community accomplish those things we can achieve together that we could never accomplish as individual institutions. Our members have told us that they value being aware of what is going on with Internet2 and engaging with other community members and colleagues.

Internet2 uses a variety of electronic communications channels, but our principal form of outreach remains e-mail.

No matter your role, it’s likely that you will find value in all of the Internet2 email channels, so you are encouraged to try them all on for size--and can change your preferences below at any point in time.

Please check (subscribe) or uncheck (unsubscribe) the box below to indicate your preference of receiving email communications for these lists.

WARNING: clicking the "Opt out from all email communications" link will remove you from ALL Internet2 Announcement Communications through this system (including events, community and program news and newsletters).

Simply uncheck the box next to the list name to unsubscribe from a particular list or type of communication.

Please note the email address in the field below, and ensure it is the address desired to adjust preferences. Due to security measures, it isn’t possible to make changes to the email field on this page—only the communication preferences checkboxes.

NOTE: If you are attempting to change the email address populated in the email address field, or attempting to enter a new email address, please visit this page to make changes to email address and then proceed to the email preferences center. For any problems or questions, contact communications@internet2

Internet2 email list preferences not included here may be migrated to this email preferences center in the future. In the interim, please follow preference links at the bottom of each email to modify list preferences.