Webinar: Managing Campus Cloud Risk—Key Security & Identity Strategies  

Join Internet2 member campuses as they share their experiences, challenges, successes and lessons learned from efforts to create a more secure organizational cyber-culture and decrease vulnerabilities with four high-value NET+ security and identity strategies: Operational Intelligence at Baylor University, Password Management at Duke University, Digital Transaction Management at UCSF, and security aspects of Electronic Health Record (EHR) management at the University of Michigan.

See how your institution can speed service deployments and minimize risks and costs of cloud migration through the peer-driven and standards-based Internet2 NET+ initiative.

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August 25th

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Jon Allen

Jon Allen
Assistant Vice President & Chief Information Security Office, Baylor University

Jon will share how his institution is using NET+ Splunk to analyze massive streams of machine data generated by IT systems and technology infrastructure, and how his engagement with the NET+ Splunk Service Advisory Board and the NET+ program has driven 9 NET+ service subscriptions at Baylor.

Richard BieverRichard Biever
Chief Information Security Officer and Director, Identity Management, Duke University

Richard will discuss the problems associated with poor password hygiene and how NET+ LastPass is a key part of Duke University's enterprise password management strategy to create a more secure IT culture, along with detailing how Splunk is meeting unique needs for a SIEM solution.

Jill Cozen-HarelJill Cozen-Harel
Business Analyst, University of California – San Francisco 

Jill will share how her institution is using the NET+ DocuSign service to transform digital signature workflows across her institution.

Dion Taylor

Dion Taylor
Data Security Analyst, Univ. of Michigan School of Dentistry

Dion will discuss how his institution engaged on the NET+ ICE Health Systems service—a unique electronic medical record system—and the engagement around security aspects to advance dental education and research.


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Focused on accelerating secure and reliable cloud mobility for higher education's diverse users, Internet2 NET+ is a research and education (R&E) community-driven initiative. Through a rigorous peer-driven evaluation process, R&E institutions and cloud service providers work together to develop offerings that maximize deployment efficiencies and minimize the business and legal challenges, financial costs, and technology risks of migrating from on-campus to cloud-based solutions.


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