Webinar: Driving Efficiencies & Focusing Resources with DocuSign Digital Transaction Management

Administration processes have largely been paper-driven, which can be prone to errors, delays and inefficiencies. Leveraging Digital Transaction Management (DTM) from NET+ DocuSign, institutions are streamlining legacy paper processes, creating meaningful efficiencies and improving resource management with safe & secure digital document-based transactions. 

Join The Ohio State University, Internet2 and DocuSign to learn what's driving the digital transformation on campuses and how: 

  • OSU implemented Digital Transaction Management in their HR function;
  • Institutions are eliminating legacy paper processes, improving productivity strengthening identity management and modernizing their business processes with all constituents using safe & secure digital document based transactions;
  • A team of peer universities vetted and customized NET+ DocuSign to comply with rigorous security and accessibility standards, federated identity integrations, and tailored terms for quick deployment across higher education

See how your institution can quickly begin the journey to make processes 100% digital from start to finish, accelerate transactions, reduce costs and errors, and delight users!

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November 16th, 2016

Wednesday @ 2:00 PM ET





Diane DagefoerdeDiane Dagefoerde
Deputy Chief Information Officer at The Ohio State University

Diane will share what's driving OSU's digital transformation, their experiences, and lessons learned implementing Digital Transaction Management in the Human Resources (HR) function. She'll also discuss how OSU was able to speed deployment of DocuSign through NET+, thanks to peers who vetted and customized the service for higher education.

Ryan HansenRyan Hansen
Higher Education Account Executive, DocuSign

Ryan will discuss his experience working with higher education institutions to transform legacy paper processes to 100% digital from start to finish and drive impactful efficiencies with Digital Transaction Management.

Nick LewisNick Lewis
Program Manager, Internet2 NET+ Security & Identity 

Nick will moderate the discussion and share how higher education experts leveraged Internet2 NET+ to create the peer-driven and tailored NET+ DocuSign solution for higher education--integrated with security and accessibility standards, federated identity, and tailored terms to help institutions speed deployment and minimize challenges associated with migrating to Digital Transaction Management.



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