In this issue of Internet2 Cloud Highlights News: Baylor’s CISO Jon Allen is featured by EdScoop, new edition of the Higher Education Cloud Vendor Assessment tool, updates on the AWS offering, the three trends driving higher education to the cloud, upcoming webinars, YouTube video resources, and so much more!

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FEATURED Highlights

Inside the Plan to Crowdsource and Simplify IT Security Reviews in Higher Education

This article from EdScoop features Baylor University Chief Information Security Officer Jon Allen's leadership efforts to standardize software security reviews at colleges and universities.

Web-Scale Computing at TechEx ’17

Cloud computing is very quickly becoming just “computing.” Applications are expected to serve an ever-growing base of consumers and computational resources are far more accessible than at any point in history. A web-scale computing mindset is reframing our approach to application design and provisioning. Applications are designed with an eye to user experience first, and, because of the flexibility of web-scale deployment capabilities, it is easier to deploy well-built, resilient applications more quickly. View sessions in this track.

Shared Cloud Security Assessments Update

Coauthored by Jon Allen, Joanna Grama, Kim Milford and Nick Lewis

Read the latest updates from the Shared Cloud Security Assessments (HECVAT) working group. Its been a busy year developing a new and shorter edition of the assessment tool, as well as adding crosswalks in the questionnaire to help the community save time and resources.

AWS Adds Training and Professional Services, Approaches Next Discount Tier

The Internet2 Cloud Services offering of AWS now has 48 subscribing campuses and over $400,000 a month in collective spend running through the program. In this blog post, Sara Jeanes shares the latest benefits being offered to community-member subscribers.

3 Trends Driving Higher Education to the Cloud

Although the cost associated with moving campuses to the cloud is often where many people start and end their thinking about the cloud, Shelton Waggener argues that three trends drive higher education CIOs’ need for the cloud: mobile-first strategy, big data, and security.

Box and Microsoft Azure Partner to Power Work in the Cloud

Learn how the engineering teams are hard at work integrating Box with Azure, including exploring ways to integrate AI capabilities enabled by Microsoft's Intelligent Cloud and add Azure regions outside the U.S. to their Box Zones solution for in-region storage.

FEATURED Resources

Cloud 101: AWS Overview Education

Thursday, September 14, 2017 | 2-3pm EDT

Starting your cloud journey? Join this webinar to answer your most basic questions including what is the cloud, what services does AWS offer, and how does the cloud help in education?  You’ll learn how AWS helps across a campus - from improving access and teaching cloud in the classroom, to speeding research and making university IT operations more efficient.  You’ll learn key use cases at universities across the globe, and how you can get started. 

Transformative Service Delivery at UC Berkeley

Wednesday, September 27, 2017 | 11am-12pm EDT

Join Scott Hall, Manager and Architect of ServiceNow for UC Berkeley, to hear how Berkeley’s ServiceNow team is working to drive excellence in service delivery. By modernizing IT services, the team is eliminating the departmental IT silos and inefficient workflows that define many college campuses today.

Amazon EC2 Primer for Education

Thursday, September 28, 2017 | 12-1pm EDT

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) is a web service that provides secure, resizable compute capacity in the cloud. Join this webinar to learn the basics of Amazon EC2 and how it is being used in education. You will gain an understanding of compute instance types, purchasing options, and the benefits of each. 

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