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Community News

University of Guam Unveils Ultra-high-speed GOREX Network

University of Guam GOREX Network teamThe University of Guam has unveiled its new ultra-high-speed 100-gigabit Guam Open Research & Education eXchange (GOREX) network. The new network connects Guam to Hawaii and California via the new SEA-U.S. fiber-optic submarine cable.

Cloud Connect User Story Collection Continues

alttextThe Cloud Connect Initiative has begun a research phase to create a set of requirements for a Cloud Connect environment to support the needs of the Internet2 Community. Share with us the best examples of your needs and challenges in a cloud-connected environment. 

Why Larry Smarr Is Pioneering Collaborative Innovation

Larry Smarr is pioneering collaborative innovationRead how Midwestern physicist Larry Smarr has become a vital conductor of innovation by insisting that scientists and researchers at the incubators he runs collaborate across discipline lines.

URISC@SC17 and the #LongestLastMile

eduGAIN logoA multinational delegation attending the recent Understanding Risk in Shared CyberEcosystems workshop at SC17 heard about the benefits of eduGAIN for the global research community. Although these benefits would be very welcome in the resource-constrained regions represented by many of the URISC delegates, there are also many physical and financial barriers to overcome.

InCommon Steering Committee Gains New Members

alttextNew members include Mike Erickson, chief information officer at Colorado School of Mines, and Laura Paglione, director of strategic initiatives at ORCID. The InCommon Steering Committee is a group of 13 leaders from diverse institutions across the research and education community who provide strategic direction, oversight, and recommendations for InCommon.

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Posts & Press

You Want To Replace Me with a Robot?

man and robotMichael Carey, Director of Operations at KINBER, addresses the inevitable reaction to discussing network automation with engineers. No, it’s not about replacing humans with robots, but as Carey explains, that very common fear is the perfect lead-in to exploring the real value of network automation.

Security Scene

Thoughts on a Cyber Security Exercise

Internet2 Network Connectors - croppedA Department of Homeland Security cyber security exercise leads Internet2’s Paul Howell to propose a wider vision of research and education network security—one that includes protecting access to vital cloud resources and the national and regional network infrastructures that provide access to them.

Interactive Live Performance Enabled by International Collaboration of R&E Networks

interactive live performance enabled by collaborationInternet2 joined forces with GÉANT, JANET (Jisc) and GEMnet2 to present a live dance performance between Tokyo, New York City and London in November 2017. Read how the international collaboration enabled this low-latency, precisely synchronized transmission via NTT Laboratories' MPEG Media Transport unit.

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