Welcome to Community Update, September 2016

Welcome to the Internet2 Community Update newsletter for September 2016. In this issue: Board update on the new higher education member model, network update progress report, Technology Exchange previews and much more.

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Internet2 News

Internet2 Board Update

New Higher Education Member Fee Model Update; 2017 Fees, Budget Approved

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At its August 2016 meeting, the Internet2 Board of Trustees approved a resolution regarding a new model on which membership fees (dues and network participation fees, together called “sustaining contributions,”) will be set going forward. The model will be fully implemented in 2018; 2017 will be a transitional year using a blend of the new and current models to smooth the changes. Letters will be sent soon to each higher education member communicating the specific changes each institution can expect in 2017 (system membership members will receive separate communications). Separately, the Board approved 2.2% increases to the dues and network participation fees for industry, affiliate and R&E network membership categories for 2017. Learn more about the new higher ed fee model.

Also in the meeting, the Board approved Internet2’s proposed budget for 2017. The accounting team is in the process of updating NetSuite for any final adjustments that came out of the Board process and should have 2016’s “revised budget” adjustments in place in conjunction with September’s financial reporting. The accounting staff should also have the adjustments for 2017 posted and available in NetSuite shortly thereafter.

Network Updates

2016 Internet2 Network Upgrade Progress and Planning for the Next Network

Internet2 Network upgrade mapCheck out these updates from John Moore to find out how the 2016 Internet2 Network upgrades are progressing, and to hear about the extensive conversation the Network Services team is having with the community to determine what their requirements will be over the next two to five years in preparation for the next Internet2 Network platform.

Webinar Resources

Managing Campus Cloud Risk—Key Security & Identity Strategies

Internet2 NET+ Security portfolio logoAccess the recent webinar resources including recording and slides. Internet2 member campuses shared strategies and experiences to decrease cybersecurity vulnerabilities in the cloud and create a more secure cyber-culture at their institutions through four NET+ strategies:

  • Operational Intelligence with NET+ Splunk at Baylor University
  • Password Management with NET+ LastPass at Duke University
  • Digital Transaction Management with NET+ Docusign at UCSF, and;
  • Electronic Health Record (EHR) management with NET+ ICE at the University of Michigan

Blog Posts

Four Methods of Amazon Web Services Adoption

AWS logoRead the new blog post describing four deployment methods that have been facilitated for campuses subscribing to NET+ Amazon Web Services by DLT after a year of availability and nearly 50 campuses subscribing.

The Landscape of DevOps within TIER

By utilizing TIER’s two DevOps pathways—Demo Workbench and Production Workbench—the community can test and verify the functionalities contributors are exploring in a faster, more interactive way, in an environment that functions just like the real world—without negatively affecting the real world.

From the Chief Innovation Officer

Community-Driven Innovation at Internet2 Technology Exchange

Are you a researcher joining us at the 2016 Technology Exchange? Check out the full slate of sessions on a wide range of topics—like Smart Campus and IoT, End-to-End Trust and Security for IoT and Trust, Identity, Privacy, Protection, Safety and Security (TIPPSS), Globus, ScienceDMZ for Instruments, Cyberinfrastructure, and CloudLab. We will also be kicking off an NSF for Cybersecurity Transition to Practice Acceleration EAGER project.

NAOPpag August Meeting Update

The Network Architecture Operations and Policy Program Advisory Group (NAOPpag) met in early August 2016 under the leadership of new co-chairs, William Deigaard, Rice University, and Wendy Huntoon, KINBER. The NAOP heard updates on standing items including the 2016 network upgrade, OECST update, network-related research activities and community input to NAOPpag members. John Moore reported that the 2016 Internet2 Network upgrade, a project to expand capacity, improve resiliency and accelerate network research options is moving along on plan.

Community News

From eCampus News

4 Reinvention Best Practices from Across the Pond

Image from 4 Reinvention Best Practices articleAccording to a new report from the American Council on Education (ACE), there are unique new opportunities as well as challenges for increased innovative higher education collaboration between United States’ and European institutions.

UA Ramps Up its Internet Link Tenfold to State-best 100 GB

AU logoThe University of Arkansas at Fayetteville now has the fastest-known internet connection in the state thanks to an upgraded link to the national higher-education broadband network. The point of the upgrade is to better connect the university to the nationwide supercomputing network and provide a level of connectivity for research that competes on the national stage—with access to XSEDE resources and advanced medicine being two top goals of the 100GB Internet2 connection.

From EdTech

Best Practices for Protecting Student Data in the Cloud

EdTech security imageExperts point out that moving to the cloud generally increases security over the most sensitive data when accompanied by the right policies. With security remaining a significant concern for some institutions implementing cloud services, this is definitely worth a read.

From eCampus News

5 Ways to Practically Incorporate Virtual Reality

eCampus News VR imageFind out how higher education can harness virtual reality for services well beyond the campus tour.

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