Webinar: Enabling Google Cloud Platform for Research and Education

Last fall, Google joined Internet2 to work with member institutions to explore new opportunities for Google Cloud Platform.

This webinar focused on the future of a jointly developed Google Cloud Platform tailored for Research & Education with the Internet2 community to:

  • offer universities the same powerful infrastructure, data analytics, and machine learning that Google uses to drive innovation and performance;
  • free organizations from the overhead of managing infrastructure, provisioning servers and configuring networks; and
  • enables developers to build, test, and deploy applications on Google's highly-scalable and reliable infrastructure.

View the recorded webinar and download slides to experience this presentation and contact Sara Jeanes to get involved with next steps.

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Google Cloud Platform for Research and Education

Today, inside Google, developers never write deployment scripts, but their code is pushed into production multiple times a day. They don’t share databases, write failover scripts or patch software stacks. And yet their software is some of the most resilient and secure ever created. This approach lets developers code without thinking about infrastructure.

Consequently Google Cloud Platform universities do a lot less un-productive infrastructure work. It’s an actual global, elastic, on demand set of services, that doesn’t require figuring out how to build it and make it work. It’s not about having enough machines, cables and disks. it’s about having the right abstractions that simplify complexity.


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Focused on accelerating secure and reliable cloud mobility for higher education's diverse users, Internet2 NET+ is a research and education (R&E) community-driven initiative. Through a rigorous peer-driven evaluation process, R&E institutions and cloud service providers work together to develop offerings that maximize deployment efficiencies and minimize the business and legal challenges, financial costs, and technology risks of migrating from on-campus to cloud-based solutions.


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