Trust and Identity Newsletter – December 2017

In this issue:

  • U.S. implications of the new European General Data Protection Regulation
  • NSF’s new InCommon requirements
  • a new IAM Online YouTube channel 
  • new sign-in options for Certificate Manager administrators 

Trust and Identity at Internet2 includes the InCommon Federation, InCommon Certificate Service, the TIER software and campus practices program, eduroam roaming wireless, and other programs. For details, see Trust and Identity.

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News & Blog Posts

The New European General Data Protection Regulation – Why Bother?

GDPR graphicThe General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the European Union's new privacy law that goes into effect in May. The GDPR has far-reaching implications for those in the U.S. as well—especially those who participate in the InCommon Federation. Pål Axelsson, operations manager for the Swedish federation SWAMID, wrote the paper on how the GDPR affects federations and provided this piece on its impact in the U.S.

Help Your PI’s: Put InCommon’s Research-Enabling Tools in Your Campus CI Plan

InCommon NSF reqmts graphicIn a new requirement for its Campus Cyberinfrastructure program, the National Science Foundation has asked those submitting proposals to include their plans with respect to federated identity, including their participation in InCommon, whether they support the Research and Scholarship entity category, and if their campus meets Baseline Expectations. Tom Barton discusses how IT can help researchers by meeting these goals.

New YouTube Channel for IAM Online

IAM Online on YouTubeGÉANT has created an IAM Online YouTube channel to house the recordings of past webinars from both IAM Online US and IAM Online Europe. With seven years’ worth of wisdom already under its belt, the channel is an important resource on identity and access management, federation, and a host of related issues.

TIER Campus Success: Follow the Adventure

Follow the adventure imageHaving a group of collaborators all rowing in the same direction can be a big help, especially when it comes to the complex, mission-critical task of deploying an identity management platform for a large higher education institution. Roughly a month into their work, the 10 participating campuses of the TIER Campus Success Program have already clarified adoption goals and sharpened their identity management skills.

2018 TIER Focus Includes Sustainability and Adoption

TIER focus is sustainability imageThe Trust and Identity in Education and Research (TIER) program will focus on continued software refinement (particularly containerization) in 2018, developing a sustainability plan, and accelerating adoption.

InCommon Updates Policy Regarding Vetting of Domains in Metadata

Domain soup imageRead about the revised InCommon policy on domain vetting for Federation metadata to accommodate those who wish to prove control of a domain via Domain Control Validation (DCV).

Single Sign-on and Multifactor Authentication Available for Certificate Service Admins

Login security graphicCertificate Service subscribers that also operate an InCommon Identity Provider may now use single sign-on (SSO) and multifactor authentication (MFA) to log in to the Comodo Certificate Manager. This long-requested feature was made possible through a pilot involving nine university subscribers to the InCommon Certificate Service.

Key Internet2 identity initiatives are supported in part by National Science Foundation grants. For more information, see specific software sites.

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